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With the power consumption of 1 regular bulb, we can light up your outdoor area.

Suslight works exclusively with exterior LED lighting. Our lamps are designed and produced by ourselves. They have very high energy efficiency, producing a lot of light yet consume very little power.

In order to make the housing last as long as possible, we use the latest technology in surface treatment and powder coating. Enabling it to be tested to endure 2000 hours in a salt bath.

Exterior LED lighting not only affects people, but also the lives of animals and insects. Many LED lamps contain blue light, which is disturbing to the environment.

We are very pleased that we have almost completely filtered out the blue light from our light sources, which means that the biological clock of insects and other animals is less disturbed.

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Outdoor led lighting

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    dusk to dawn


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    Led floor lamps

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    Led ground spots



Smart lighting for tomorrow’s world.

At Suslight, innovation comes first. We are constantly thinking about smart solutions that are not only good for us, but especially for the world of tomorrow. We are happy to take you along in our view on innovation.

Atmospheric projects made by our re-sellers!

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A city garden in the year 2022!

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Our choice

Beautiful garden in a rural setting.

A difference of day and night....

Find the keyhole in one go without tripping, walk along the otherwise dark garden path, or show the neighbours what a beautifully lit garden looks like. That's no problem with our outdoor LED lighting!
Whether the lighting should be decorative or practical /simple or striking. For every taste, location, and purpose, Suslight has a model in the collection. Choosing outdoor LED lighting is not something you do every day and certainly not if you choose Suslight. We guarantee that our LED lamps will last 75000 burning hours. When the LED lamp burns for an average of 12 hours a day, it must have a lifespan of 16 years.
To make a good choice for such a long time, we recommend several steps.

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Move along with Suslight.

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In the real world

Sometimes you would like to take a garden home

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In the real world

The smart method of Robert Bikker.

Oude tuinverlichting inleveren

Handing in old garden lighting.

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In the real world

Wouter van Dijk likes to design with Suslight.

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Suslight’s choice of raw materials.

Our vision on sustainable entrepreneurship!

Making the planet and our outdoor space greener.

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Sustainability is a broad concept, but in short it comes down to the fact that in a sustainable world people, the environment, and the economy (profit) are in balance with each other, so that we do not exhaust the earth.... In short: using the earth in such a way that future generations can also enjoy it.
'Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations'. This is Suslight's company policy, and it must never become a marketing slogan.

Suslight goes green
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We only work with outdoor LED designed by ourselves. By using the latest technology with the best quality, the lighting is good for 75,000 thousand burning hours. Due to this high quality, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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In 2022 we will start taking in old lighting. Our professional, your installation landscaper, will take in the old lighting. They hand it in to us and we process it. In this way you contribute almost unnoticed to the recycling of something that would otherwise have disappeared in the waste container.

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Lighting is all about the right combination of factors. Suslight has thought about everything. From raw material and light quality to power and voltage. Only with the right composition and the right production technology can we achieve this high quality.

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``Sustainable development is development that meets current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.`` This is our company policy, and we act accordingly. We are a sustainable business and keep moving to become a more sustainable one.

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The circle of material!
In 2022, we set ourselves a new goal. We start by taking in old lighting. Our professional, your gardener or installer, will take the old lighting with you. They hand this in to us and we process it. This way you almost unnoticed participate in the recycling of something that would otherwise have disappeared in the waste container.


Al together for our planet!
We make a lot of effort to do business as sustainably as possible.
However, wherever production takes place, you leave traces.
If we do not work completely energy neutral, we will pay off this debt by handing over 1% of our profits to the movement 1% for the planet.


'Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations'.
This is our company policy, and we act accordingly. In other words, we are a sustainable company and continue to move to become even more sustainable.

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