Led underwater spotlight

The LED spotlight with a swimming certificate!

Water and light, it’s a great combination. During the day, the sunlight provides playful effects; at night, these are provided by the water lighting. Creative pond lighting produces impressive effects above and below water.

The name underwater spotlight says it all. This LED lighting remains permanently under water and that calls for a safe product! Thanks to the RVS 304 housing, fresh water cannot get a hold on the exterior of the lamp. The inside of the housing is also filled with a special silicone gel so that water cannot penetrate into the lighting. This is the only way to achieve the quality standard for underwater lighting at Suslight.

Our LED underwater spotlight has an IP rating of 68. This means that the LED spotlight is fully protected against dust and water. The load capacity is IK 09, meaning that it is vandal-proof.

Based on our principle of sustainable entrepreneurship, we work exclusively with LED lighting. Our LED lighting is produced in 2700K, which gives the LED an extra warm light tone.

Each product is supervised by Suslight employees throughout the entire production process, from idea to delivery. Our products are regularly checked by both internal and external qualified testing laboratories. That is why we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our products and can safely say that our lamps are good for 75,000 hours of use.

The LED underwater spotlight is connected by the 24 Volt cable system.