Why 24 Volts?

Why 24 Volts? Direct current is gaining popularity because in our modern electrical world it is more efficient and cheaper than alternating current. 24 Volt is direct current and has been used for garden lighting in Europe for years.

  • They are both low power.
  • They both belong to the SELV (Safe Extra Low Voltage) group, and this means that there is no shock hazard.
  • Provided it is pluggable, it can be installed by anyone.

These advantages therefore apply to both 12 and 24 Volts. Yet Suslight only uses 24 Volt for its garden LED lighting, and this has a number of reasons:

Greater distance with 24 Volt, a large distance is easily bridged without a heavy transformer. Also, 24 Volt has lower voltage losses in distance over the same cable than 12 Volt has. In addition, the 24 Volt system can always be expanded flexibly, the total power may not exceed 150 watts. The luminaires can be placed up to 300 meters away from the power source. This is not feasible with 12 Volts!

Larger voltage range Our LED components work on a voltage range of around 3, 6, 9 or 12 Volt.

More stable and reliable 24 Volt works very reliably and stably; this is because there is a much larger range within which voltage loss may occur.


We only work with outdoor LED designed by ourselves. By using the latest technology with the best quality, the lighting is good for 75,000 thousand burning hours. Due to this high quality, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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In 2022 we will start taking in old lighting. Our professional, your installation landscaper, will take in the old lighting. They hand it in to us and we process it. In this way you contribute almost unnoticed to the recycling of something that would otherwise have disappeared in the waste container.

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Lighting is all about the right combination of factors. Suslight has thought about everything. From raw material and light quality to power and voltage. Only with the right composition and the right production technology can we achieve this high quality.

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``Sustainable development is development that meets current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.`` This is our company policy, and we act accordingly. We are a sustainable business and keep moving to become a more sustainable one.

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